What Is In The Future

What Is In The Future
What does the future hold and what is in the future are two of the most asked questions in history. We spend more time in the present worrying about the future instead of enjoying the here and now. It is one of the greatest gifts a human can give themselves to be able to leave the anxiety of what tomorrow holds behind. It is the single greatest cause of mental illness. It also leads to physical illness and disease.

Having said that we would all like to know that it’s all going to be ok. The key to understanding your future lies in the present. Your future is shaped and forged by every single action you take today. For every action there is a reaction. Buddhists call it Karma. In order to make your future you must make your present.

Can A Psychic or Clairvoyant Predict MY Future?

Occasionally it’s very hard to see a clear path through a forest of problems. It is only natural to be confused. We all have too much information to process. This is when the services of trusted Psychic Mediums Online can help. By channeling the spirit guides that surround them and leaving yourself open to answers you can get remarkable clarity. Sometimes the answer is right in front of our nose. It’s always been there but we just couldn’t see it. Other times the answer comes from a deeper part of our subconscious that needs to be released. Other times again the answer will be channelled to us from the psychic realm where the spirit guides are in touch with those that have gone before us. This is where a truly gifted clairvoyant or psychic medium demonstrates their power and ability.

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How Do I Know If My Psychic Is True

The answers you get from an online psychic readingor online tarot reading are exactly the same as visiting a fortune teller. The answers are channelled through the psychic from the spirit guides. The physical location doesn’t matter. A medium or clairvoyant with true psychic ability will not sugar coat your answers or try to disguise the reality in a psychic chat. Having said that it is entirely up to you as to how you use the information given to you. These answers are gifts from the spirit realm. Your innate psychic intuition will allow you to process the information and use it as you see fit. The future is not a one way street. It is like a jigsaw puzzle of the possible, the probable, the improbable and even the impossible. As you assemble the pieces the picture becomes clearer but it is never finished until the final piece falls into place. This can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. It can also take as long as you want it to take.

Three Stages Of A Psychic Reading

There are clearly three stages to a psychic reading.

  1. The Preparation (covered in this post).
  2. The Reading itself.
  3. Processing the gifts of the reading.

1 and 2 are easy. 3 is the hard part. Are you mature enough to accept the information? Are you confidant enough to act on the gifts your psychic has given you? Are you able to ask yourself “What is in the future?” Are you responsible enough to understand that the spirit guides have offered you a special gift. It may be small or it could be big but it is a special gift none the less. Sometimes a psychic reading may still be unclear or feel unfinished. You must return to your medium to finish the reading or to get clarification for your answers. It can take weeks or months to process the information.

What Is in My Future?

To put it simply,the answer to what is in the future lies entirely within your hands. I know what’s in my future, do you know what’s in yours?
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