What is a Psychic

What Is a Psychic
What is a Psychic? It’s a common question. Psychics and Mediums have the ability to see things that many of us cannot. They have insight into the world that surrounds us that we have learned to ignore. They have retained the ability we had as a child to see through the day to day and into the unseen.

What Are Psychic Guiding Spirits?

Psychics and Mediums have the ability to see things that many of us have outgrown or left behind us. They have the ability to connect with their guiding spirits who allow the healing power of the universe to flow through them. This opens up doors and pathways that so many of us cannot see or have forgotten. There is a child like wonder in the universe waiting to be tapped into. Psychics and mediums are our conduit. They allow us to reconnect with this phenomenal force.

How Do I Get A Free Psychic Reading?

At Oranum we pride ourselves to have the best psychics in the world on our team. As part of our commitment to you we offer you Free Consultations in our public chat rooms. You can see our psychics as they answer your questions. You can move freely between psychics with no commitment until you find the right person. You will know it when this happens. It is an instant feeling. When you are ready to ask your deeper questions our psychics will invite you to go into a private space where you can be confident that you, and only you, are able to feel the greater power and seek the answers to the questions that you have.

Free Psychic Reading

Free Psychic Reading

How Do I Know If My Psychic Is Real?

There are many people who claim to be mediums or possess psychic abilities. Perhaps they truly believe that they are what they say. It is important to not be distracted by these people. They are only denying you what is rightfully yours – the experience of truly being at one with a greater power. The power that flows through all nature. The power that only true psychics and mediums can harness. The healing power of the universe.

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