Who Is My Twin Flame?

Who Is My Twin Flame

There can be confusion about what a “twin flame” relationship is. While “soul mates,” are our perfect matches (or our spiritual family) twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are. Here, a few of the main signs that you’ve run into one:

Philosophical History of Twin Flame Or Soul Mate

In his dialogue The Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes present a story about soulmates. Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces.

Signs Of Meeting Your Twin Flame

Twin Flames Signs Before Reunion

A (sometimes subtle) feeling of excitement in your soul, a glowing feeling in your heart chakra. You will most likely be puzzled as to why you’re feeling so happy, as there’s no obvious outer event causing it (yet).What’s happening is that your soul is sensing that you and your Twin are pulling each other closer into Reunion. This feeling is a precursor to the actual physical event.Your soul is always in tune with what you’re aligning with so listen to it, keep paying attention to your intuition.

Twin Flame Reunion Signs

The uniting with your twin flame will be instant. It might be just one look and that’s all that it will take to know this person. You are recognizing them from a past life, maybe belonging to some time that you both shared, deeply. What’s odd is that you will find your self knowing your twin’s habits and gestures, even from how they sound or smell of their skin.

Twin Flame Characteristics

When twin flames come together there may be a sense of familiarity between them. They can feel as if they have met one another before, or like they are ‘continuing’ where they left off in the past. Since twin flames are always spiritually connected, the feeling of having known each other all their lives can be strong. The connection between twin souls is often instantaneous and a deep friendship bond or a relationship can develop quickly between them.

Twin Flame Similarities

A good example is similarities with birth dates – This doesn’t mean that your twin flame was born on exact same day as you were. It means there will be something peculiar about their birthday. It may be the same birthday as a best friend or it may be the birthday of a brother or sister. There will be some kind of connection linked in with birthdays if you look hard enough.

Your background story will contain lots of similarities and coincidences. You might have the exact same background or maybe not. You might just have a friend that is identical or maybe you lived within a certain distance at some point in time. It could be anything, pay close attention to the other person’s life story.
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Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

Twin flames can also receive the other twin’s emotions and feelings. This is because their soul frequency is identical to one another. It is vital that the other twin tries to be as happy and full of love as they can be so that way it can be true to the other twin as well.

Twin Flame Telepathic Connection

Often times twin flames can finish each other’s sentences or answer their question without them even asking out loud. They can hear each other’s thoughts and know or feel what they are thinking at certain times as well. You will know that it is your twin when you hear a voice in your head that sounds exactly like them.

Signs You Have Met Your Twin Soul

You are convinced you’re “meant to be” though your relationship keeps not working out. A soul mate is someone you spend your life with. A twin flame is someone who gets you ready for your soul mate. What makes a twin flame tricky, however, is that you confuse your intense love and passion for meaning it’s “meant to be”. You’re trying to make your twin flame, who is a teacher, into a soul mate, who is your forever love.

Meeting your Twin Flame is a wondrous experience. It doesn’t happen the first time though. Sometimes we make mistakes and get confused. Make sure the significant other in your life is not being unfaithful.
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Can A Psychic Help Me To Meet My Twin Flame Or Soul Mate?

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