10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

We’ve all been there. You can’t quite put your finger on it; you simply aren’t happy. Have things gotten stale between you and your significant other? Being with him feels like hard work and not the fun time it was in the beginning. The excitement has gone, but more than that, the love is evaporating. He cancels or postpones your planned evening, and you don’t care. In fact, it’s a relief not to have to get ready to meet him. These 10 signs of a Toxic Relationship will help you decide.

You’d rather stay home and watch TV or have a girly night out with your besties. He is off-hand with you. He pays more attention to his cellphone than to you. His interactions with his friends are warm and easy, whereas he only seems to give you his whole attention at certain times. It could be the other way round – your Twitter feed is more interesting than talking to him.

If You’re In A Toxic Relationship, Get Out!

Is your relationship bad news? Is it toxic—or even abusive? Here are 10, telltale signs you should look for to know if you’re in too deep:

The 10 Sure Fire Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

10. Do you worry more about your partner than you do about yourself? Is that level of concern on par with the worry you have for your kiddos? Remember, you’re dating a grown person, and they should have (and use) the tools to navigate their life.

9. Do you miss who you used to be? The silly, courageous and vibrant person who entered this relationship—are they still there?

8. Is your partner supportive? I don’t mean supporting you, I mean encouraging you to do your best. Do you feel like being a better person when you’re with them?

7. Do they make you feel small? Words can hurt almost as much as fists. Do their words encourage or discourage you?

6. Speaking of fists—it’s never ok for someone to touch you for any reason than for love.
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5. If drugs or alcohol are present in a relationship, do be sure that they’re recreational or manageable. If you ever wonder what your friends/family would say if they saw your partner do XYZ, it’s probably time to go. Also, a person’s addiction is theirs, not yours. You can’t make it go away.

4. Is the sex good? Honestly, this is important. Connecting physically is so very important. Being touch-starved in a relationship is worse than being alone. Make sure you’re being treasured and loved.
If you are wondering about twin flame relationships please read here.

3. Do you feel free to pursue your own goals and dreams? A good partner will beam at you with pride at whatever activity is your thing. Whether it’s cat shows or weight-lifting, your thing is what makes you shine. Do they bask in your glow?

2. Are you proud and supportive of them? This one goes both ways. Do you give them high fives for a job well done? Do you encourage and cheer them on?

1. The most important thing I’ve found that’s necessary for a non-toxic relationship is this: Do you like your partner? Not love, not lust, but like. Do you enjoy their company? Do you think they’re funny, interesting and sweet? These things are vital to helping love grow!

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Can A Psychic Tell Me If I’m In A Toxic Or Abusive Relationship?

Yes. Our psychics are very experienced. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re on the inside. A great psychic or medium can give you very objective advice.

If you’re not convinced about the 10 signs of a toxic relationship that I’ve spelled out here please read further at Wikipedia to confirm my report.

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Are They Cheating?

10 Signs Of Infidelity, Cheating and Being Unfaithful

10 Signs Of Infidelity, Cheating And Being Unfaithful

10 Signs Of Infidelity, Cheating And Being Unfaithful

What Does Infidelity Mean?

“The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.

Synonyms: adulterous, faithless, unfaithful, fickle, untrue, inconstant.” — Definition of Infidelity

Most of us have a clear picture in our mind about true love. We hear about it in songs, read about it in novels and poems and we watch it at the movies every day. We all are looking for the one true love. Sometimes it goes wrong though. Sometimes we get confused about our true love. Sometimes the one we love and cherish is unfaithful and a cheater. Everyone at some time experiences infidelity, a cheating partner or an unfaithful lover. This post is not about forgiveness though, it’s about recognizing the main 10 Signs of Infidelity, Cheating and Being Unfaithful.

Can A Psychic Tell Me If My Husband Or Wife Is Cheating?

Absolutely yes, a psychic tell you if your husband or wife is cheating. As you read this article about the signs to look for in a cheating spouse you will realize that it is possible. Sometimes you can be too close to recognize the signs of a cheating spouse. Free psychic love readings can help you get to the bottom of your problem. The skill is finding the right psychic to help guide you. Remember, nothing is cast in stone and only you have the real power to change your own future. The best love and relationship psychics can offer you all the free psychic advice in the world but you have to act on it to make it work.

Can A Psychic Tell Me If My Girlfriend / Boyfriend Is Cheating?

All good psychic mediums can pick up on your feelings and emotions. It’s called empathy and is a necessary trait for people who work in the psychic fields. Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your boyfriend / girlfriend is cheating on you or is being unfaithful? You know it doesn’t go away, it’s always in the back of your mind. You’re always interpreting what they do in terms of the fact that they may be seeing someone else. Good psychics can pick up on this energy and explore the source to get to the truth. Free psychic love readings really help. Here at Psychic Mediums Online we strive to help as many people as possible. Nobody deserves to be a a relationship with a cheater. Our Psychics can offer you profound insight into your own personal situation. We know that sometimes our closest friends just don’t get it or maybe you’re too embarrassed to discuss this openly with even your BFF. Our trusted, dependable Psychics and Clairvoyants have deep experience cutting through the emotional baggage and getting right to the point. It’s FREE to sign up and there is no obligation. You can see how so many other people from around the world get their questions answered and find clarity in our psychic chat rooms. It’s free, you’re part of a community who are just like you and you WILL thank me later.

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10 Signs Of Infidelity, Cheating And Being Unfaithful.

1. They’re less interested in intimacy and sex.

It’s natural to have a regular sex life whether or not you’ve been together for a short time or a long time. When the desire for sex changes the cheater is already getting their pleasure outside the home it may suddenly decrease or occasionally increase due to feelings of guilt.

2. They’re more interested in their phone than you.

If you’re in a room together alone and they’re not concentrating on you by being on their phone then something more important than you is on the other end of that phone.

3. They’re invisible for hours at a time.

Couples text each other constantly. One of the 10 signs of infidelity, cheating or being unfaithful is not returning your texts and calls in a timely fashion.

4. They’re accusing you of things.

It’s also known as Gas-lighting. No matter what, where or how, they find a way to blame you and make you feel worthless. It’s a form of manipulation.

5. They’re not including you in their plans.

Whether or not you’re planning on spending the rest of time together there’s still next week and holidays to come. Is your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse including you in these plans? If not, why not?

6. They’re changing their look or style.

This is a tough one. A desire to be more physically attractive is because of higher self esteem due to a new job or other factors. However, if it’s combined with some other factors on this list then it’s clear they’re needing to look good for someone else.

7. They’re not looking at you in the eye.

The eyes are the window to the soul. They express the truth at all times. If they’re not meeting your gaze in a loving way they’re hiding the truth from you.

8. They’re always changing passwords.

Relationships are meant to be shared. If they don’t want you “accidentally” getting into Facebook or email etc then they must be hiding something. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but if you’re suspicious of them cheating or being unfaithful you’ll notice this behaviour.

9. They’re increasing other social activities.

If they’re starting to go out with only their friends or saying it’s just some friends more often than they used to

10. They’re changing social media profiles.

You’re a couple right? Then why is their social media photo show them with their friends? They’re trying to show that “they’re sort of single” on Facebook and everything. Nope, they’re not single, they’re supposed to be with you.

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What To Do With Infidelity, Cheating and Being Unfaithful

Finding out that your partner is cheating on you can be devastating. It’s also a learning time. If they’ve been unfaithful and the infidelity is hurtful it’s time to move on. You were never meant to be together. Use this period to heal and become stronger. The person you are meant to be with is out there somewhere just waiting for you. Don’t waste time on revenge, rebuild your life.

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Tarot card spreads for relationships and lovers are a very common way to divine or predict your future. A free tarot card reading for marriage predictions is completely acceptable. They are common at pre marriage or engagement parties all over the world. Tarot readings for singles are also common. It’s like catching the bouquet at the wedding.

If you’re wondering who your Soul Mate is read this post about Twin Flames

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