The Four Most Common Psychic Powers

The Four Most Common Psychic Powers

The Four Most Common Psychic Powers
The four most common psychic powers are collectively known as “The Clairs”. These manifestations of psychic abilities or mediumship are the most well known but there are others in the same field.

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing
  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing

There are so many different terms and techniques that it can be very confusing. Are Psychics the same as Mediums? Are Clairvoyants the same as Psychics? Very often they are used in a general sense although many experts in the field would say that it’s technically incorrect. In this article we will take a look at four of the most common sixth sense manifestations. Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. Even though they are common, many people do not know about clairsentience and clairaudience. Hopefully my explanation will help you join the dots.

Who Possesses The Four Most Common Psychic Powers?

Not only do Psychic Powers allow us to communicate with the Spirit World they also allow us to communicate with each other in the physical world. What doI mean by this? We are a herd species. We develop better in groups. In modern times these groups have evolved as families. Over hundreds of thousands of years we have developed the ability to communicate with each other by touch and by language. We also relate to each other through culture like music and art. Is it possible that we have other ways of communicating other than this? Of course it is!
How many time have you thought about phoning your sister or mother and the next thing the phone rings and it’s them? All the time right? It’s not an accident. It’s the unspoken language of thought than can be transmitted over thousands of miles. This is known as intuition, precognition or telepathy . Let’s break down the four most common psychic powers.

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance.

Different people possess different amounts of the four most common psychic powers naturally. Empathy is a very low level form that all humans share. Skilled Psychics and Mediums possess highly developed forms. These skills are not just inherited but are also practiced. It takes a great deal of training to be able tune out all the distractions that surround us to be able to receive the messages and indications that Spirit Guides are giving us.
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Can I Improve My Psychic Powers And Abilities?

Absolutely. By following time tested methods it is possible to strengthen your psychic powers. Find the one that you seem to have an affinity for or naturally gravitate towards. Read case studies. Allow your gift to grow without fear or impedance. There are numerous ways to get a psychic abilities test. I’ll blog about them soon.

How Psychics and Mediums Use the Four Clairs

No two Telepaths or Empaths are the same. They all have different ways of arriving at the same purpose which is to give you answers to the questions you have. The tools they use also differ. Sometimes Tarot Cards are used in a Reading, other times it could be divination through water or tea readings. Experienced psychics practice with their tools every day. The Four Clairs present like a bolt of truth. An Empath with Clairaudient abilities will clearly (no pun!) hear a voice telling them to say exact phrases to the person who is seeking information. It could be a message from a deceased family member or spouse directed through the spirit guides that surround the medium. A Clairsentient Psychic will feel what it is that is affecting the psychic chat, it could be a painful disease that the sufferer is asking about for example. These feelings can weigh heavily on your Psychic and they need to be careful to cleanse themselves spiritually before they start another reading. Psychics can smell events that happened in the past or even smells associated with future events. These are typical examples of how Clairvoyants get strong senses about what’s going on in a Psychic Reading.

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