Best Known Psychics in the World

The Best Known Psychics In The World

Who Are The Best Known Psychics In The World
Through human history and into today there have been hundreds of occultists with the genuine gift of actually possessing a sixth sense. Only a few, though, have become famous around the world. They have been able to demonstrate their psychic gifts in public. Here are three of our favourite clairvoyants and mediums practicing today who rank as the Best Known Psychics in the World.

If you ask anybody in the supernatural world who the best are three names will always appear. From TV to radio, books and on the web from America to Zimbabwe the most famous psychics are John Edward, The Psychic Twins (Terry and Linda Jamison), and Theresa Caputo.

John Edwards – Psychic

Best Known Psychics in the World

John Edwards

John Edwards is undoubtedly the most well known psychic. Because he has the ability to cross media formats like TV and live shows he can reach a lot of people with his gifts. He is also popular from the hidden spectrum of mediumship to the mainstream. Because he is so well known his abilities have often been tested. He has always been able to prove his psychic powers.

John has a winning way with people. He has a disarming attitude which belies his vast experience in the psychic realm. Because he is so easy to understand and easy to get along with his abilities are sought after by those that have lost loved ones.

Linda and Terri Jamison – Psychic Twins

Best Known Psychics in the World

Linda and Terri Jamison

The Jamison Twins or the Psychic Twins rose to fame due to their accurate future predictions which were well documented. They have a huge audience due to their radio appearances. Terry and Linda Jamison are duly recognized for their clairvoyance which is the ability to see into the future and predict events. If you have questions about your future The Psychic Twins are someone to follow.

Theresa Caputo – Medium

Theresa Caputo is very well known in the field of Medium channeling. You may know her from the TV series “Long Island Medium” in which she starred. She is regarded by giving a private Medium Reading to every client who comes looking for Trance Channeling.

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