How Psychics Work

How Psychics Work
If you’re a first timer in a psychic chat room or reading you will often ask yourself how psychics work. At first it may seem like a jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table. How do Psychics manage to put all the pieces together to give you a powerful reading? Well dear reader, let me assure you that our psychic mediums online have perfected their craft. Spiritual techniques that have been honed and crafted over centuries have been handed down. Intuition has been developed to a high degree. Divination has been distilled to produce purity of thought and sharpness of direction.

What Skills Does A Psychic Possess?

A good psychic has developed senses beyond those that people use every day. They can ‘see’ things we can’t (clairvoyant), they may have the ability to ‘hear’ things that other cannot (clairaudient) or they may tune into how their clients feel in a very profound manner (empaths). These are but some of the gifts that great psychics and mediums possess. I have a post about the four most common psychic abilities (the four Claires).

What Tools Does A Psychic Use?

Psychic readers can any number of tools for a reading – from Angel to Tarot cards, cups, numbers, you name it. These tools act as a channel, they allow readers to focus their intention. The power is not in the object per se but in the divining of psychic energy through the tools.
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Do I Have To Be In The Same Room For A Psychic Reading To Work?

In past years we had no internet and no telephone. Psychics and Clairvoyants had to be in the same room as their clients. That was the only way. These barriers to the transfer of psychic energy have now been removed and what a difference it’s made. You can be in your bedroom upstairs and be in communication with a psychic on the other side of the world. No Problem! Online Psychic Mediums are doing amazing things now. It’s all about energy and the flow. Once you make a connection you’re ready to go.

Can Anyone Do A Psychic Reading?

Some people are just born with a great gift. This doesn’t make them good psychics though. Mediumship is a person to person thing. Does your psychic want to impress you with how strong their powers are or do they actually want to help you with a question that’s on your mind? Give me the last on every time. People who think they know it all generally know nothing.

How Do Psychics Prepare For A Reading?

In order for psychics to do their job they must make sure that no energy from previous readings is carried over into the next. Ancient cultures have practised this for centuries. The two most common forms of cleansing involve running water and smoke. Something as simple as dipping your fingers in a bowl of water is enough to wash away the previous energy. A good clean start is always the best way. Ask your psychic how they like to prepare for their reading. It’s important that subjects prepare as well, see this post about steps to take to get ready for a psychic reading.
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How Do Psychics See The Future?

Good, responsible and careful psychics help you shape your future through constructive divination. Only we can accurately predict our own futures through the thoughts and actions we put into place today.However, yes, psychics and mediums do see the future through their guiding spirits.

How Do I know My Psychic Is Genuine?

I will write a full post about this subject but there are a couple of signs to watch out for. A real psychic or tarot card reader stands out a mile. They are calm, direct and don’t show off. They also have clients who will testify on their behalf with reviews. They know what they have to do and they get on with it.

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