Color Therapy and the 7 Chakras – A Quick Overview

Color Therapy and the 7 Chakras

Color Therapy and the 7 Chakras

We all have 7 chakras. Each color has it’s own wavelength. Each chakra has it’s own color and energy. Color therapy is an ancient therapy. It dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures such as Egypt, India and China. Now we will give a quick overview of what is color therapy and the 7 chakras.

All 7 chakras in the body have to be balanced. This is important for good health and well being. Try color therapy to rebalance your energies.

Red: Relates to the base chakra – Located at the base of the spine in the tailbone area

Orange: Relates to the sacral chakra – Located in the lower abdomen area, about two inches below the navel and two inches in

Yellow: Relates to the solar plexus chakra – Located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area

Green: Relates to the heart chakra – Located in the centre of the chest just above the heart

Blue: Relates to the throat chakra – Located in the throat

Indigo: Relates to the brow chakra (sometimes referred to as the third eye) – Located between the eye

Violet: Relates to the crown chakra – Located on the very top of the head

Color Therapy and the 7 Chakras

Color Therapy and the 7 Chakras

How Color is Absorbed in the 7 Chakras

Every cell in the body needs light energy. Color energy has a big effect on the whole body. Color is absorbed by the eyes, skin and our aura. The energy of the colors affects us on all levels. Emotional, spiritual and physical. There are many different ways of giving color some examples are: hands on healing using color, visualization using color, light boxes with lamps and color filters and color silks just to name a few.

How Does Color Therapy Help?

Color therapy has been shown to help on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. There is more to our well being than just the physical state. We are mind, body and spirit. Each of these cannot function alone and each of these has an effect on the other. This is why color therapy can be so helpful since color addresses all levels of our being.

How disease occurs in our bodies.

Throughout our life we will have good experiences and bad experiences. It is the negative experiences that can turn into disease. For example if you have ever been in a situation where you felt afraid to speak your mind this can cause a problem in the throat chakra. The throat chakra relates to self expression. So if the energy has been blocked in this area it can turn into a disease of the throat.

How to have all 7 chakras healthy

1. Your first chakra is all about grounding, so take a barefoot walk in the grass or on a beach to reconnect to Mother Earth.

2. Your second chakra is all about pleasure. A common problem with this chakra is shame. Water is cleansing and will heal this chakra. Take a bath in sea salts and baking soda or better yet the ocean.

3. The third chakra is where your will and self-esteem and physical movement live. Get out in the early morning or evening before sunset. This will really charge up this chakra.

4. Your fourth chakra is how you give and receive love easily and in a healthy way. Practicing love with a pet who loves unconditionally is a great way to heal your heart and become open to trusting love again.

5. The fifth chakra is about speaking your truth. Choosing to express the real you. Journaling with total honesty can clear and charge this chakra. It also help process old traumas. Journaling is a major part of energy medicine and is incredibly freeing!

6. Your sixth chakra is where you will find your higher intellect and clarity of vision. Try daily meditation. This will help with increase your intuition and inner wisdom.

7. Your seventh chakra is all about spirituality. Pray and meditate. As your higher self for guidance.

Now you know what is color therapy and your 7 chakras how to keep them healthy. Check out our blog for more great articles and free guides.

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