Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

The Best Questions To Ask A Psychic
Having a list of good questions to ask your Psychic is great. The Best Questions To Ask A Psychic are the ones that you’ve prepared and thought about. In order to get clarity in a Psychic Reading or Chat you need to know the issue that you need to resolve. Remember, while there generally aren’t correct questions to ask a psychic there are correct ways to ask the question to ensure you get good results.

General Correct Questions To Ask A Psychic

Avoid leading questions. Questions that imply a certain answer will give you just that. Instead ask open ended questions. Don’t ask wishful questions. Your psychic will naturally pick up on that and tell you what you want to hear.

Examples Of The Best “Open Ended” Questions To Ask A Psychic

Good Questions To Ask A Psychic About Love

Love is a very powerful force. Many people make the mistake of looking for love beyond themselves. Psychics help find the love within. The Law of Attraction does the rest.

  • Who is the right type of person for me?
  • How should I prepare to meet the right person?
  • What advice can you give me to help me meet my soul mate?
  • How do I break old habits from past relationships?
  • What do I need to do to move on from my last break up?

Good Questions To Ask A Psychic About Health

Start with general health questions first. Allow your psychic to use their intuition and guidance to get to the root of your problems.

  • What can I do to help me achieve good health?
  • What are the best ways to meditate to achieve spiritual and physical harmony?
  • How do I use the power of positive thinking to improve my health?
  • What thoughts are preventing me from being really healthy?
  • What affirmations can I use to heal my body and mind?

Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

The Best Questions To Ask A Psychic About Career

Career improvement is crucial to many people’s lives. We spend so much time working, it’s important to get it right.

  • I’ve been out of work for a while. How do I open myself to finding a job?
  • How can I change my thoughts to be happy at work?
  • What affirmations can I use to get a promotion?
  • What type of work am I best suited for?
  • How can I succeed in my current job?

Good Questions To Ask A Psychic About The Future

Avoid yes or no questions at first. Once your relationship has developed your psychic or clairvoyant will have a better understanding of your needs and wants.

  • What affirmations can I use to manifest my future?
  • How do I become the master of my own destiny?
  • I feel uneasy about the future. How do I change my thinking to overcome this?
  • I want a different future than my spouse. How can I work to resolve this?
  • Can you tell me about my future in general?

How Do I Remember The Answers From My Psychic?

It’s always good practice to record or make notes so you can remember the answers your psychic gives you. Always have a pencil and paper ready. Be sure to write down your questions beforehand. Be clear in your quest and intent.

What Can I Ask My Psychic If I Have Limited Time?

The best questions to ask a psychic are open ended at the beginning of the psychic chat and closed (yes or no) at the end. Your psychic or clairvoyant needs time to get to know you first. If your time is limited make sure you ask your psychic the most important questions first.

Are There Wrong Questions To Ask In A Psychic Reading?

Real Psychics who do serious psychic readings want as little information as possible. They don’t want to be influenced. A blank page allows them to channel their psychic energy freely and their guiding spirits can communicate effectively. Don’t jump straight to the point. Allow the reading to develop and allow the psychic’s style to manifest. Avoid questions with yes or no answers early in the reading.
Best Questions To Ask A Psychic

Example of questions NOT to ask:

  • Should I get divorced?
  • Should I buy a new car?
  • Should I fire my employee?

These forms of ‘gotcha’ questions only paint you into a corner. Leave yourself open to making life changes through free will. Ask yourself, what can you do with this type of information anyway? This doesn’t empower you to lead yourself to the type of outcome you’re looking for. So…

Instead, DO ask:

  • What can I do to attract Mr./Mrs. Right?
  • What can I do to attain my goals?
  • What can I do to form and maintain healthier relationships?

See how that works? Good psychic questions encourage good psychic answers! You’re fortune teller will thank you for it.

Can I Ask 1 Free Psychic Question?

If you’re familiar with your medium you can generally get 1 free psychic question. All the usual rules apply. You might not get your psychic question answered immediately but nice begets nice.
One question here or there is always fine but psychics have to work and get paid eventually. You can get a free psychic question answered by email, by phone or even online in a chat room.

How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

Like all great work the best results come through preparation. Please read my post about How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading. There’s an old saying that says luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

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